South Lodge

This is a study on a 90 units residential site that investigates a range of energy efficiency measures that have potential to be applied to the dwellings and the communal areas of the building blocks. The study includes dynamic Thermal Modelling (DTM) modelling, market survey on the costs of the measures, a sensitivity study on their energy cost savings and their payback periods.
The purpose of the document is to allow those charged with the  management of South Lodge to determine which of the measures modelled will provide the optimal operational energy and cost savings in the most cost effective manner


This is a work for Metropolis Green, 2012.


Aerial view of the site


South-Lodge-IES model Ecodynamis

Dynamic Thermal Modelling

The first stage of the analysis is to establish the baseline performance of the existing building.
The second stage of the analysis is to model each energy efficiency measure.
The third stage of the analysis of South Lodge uses cost estimates for each measure to calculate the cost effectiveness and payback periods of each applied energy efficiency measure.

Most effective measure

When considering the cost and payback period for each option, the secondary glazing and roof insulation options stand out as the most cost effective options
Fuel cost savings per measure

Fuel cost savings/yr

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